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40 minutes from the Merida City, on the way by the new superhighway Merida - Chetumal and passing through the ring of cenotes and Convents, the Puuc Route and Route of Culture, is located The Hacienda Bolontunil.



Enjoy swim in the cenotes surrounding the residential complex .


Visit the most beautiful monasteries located just minutes over the route.

Route Puuc

Venture to archaeological zones and caves near the area.

Route of Culture

Walks on a road where the ancient culture known for its beauty.

Atractivos Turísticos


Yucatan is known worldwide for its magnificent partly cenotes.


And the village of Homún one of the main areas of the state that has a large number of these : Tza Ujun Kat, Santa Rosa, Yaxbakaltún, cave and cenote Santa Maria, among others.


Ecoturistic Residential Hacienda Bolontunil also has many cenotes that surround it, as well as hosting the Cenote Bolontunil, same part of the hull of the Hacienda.




It is a journey of a tourist nature whose purpose is to visit and make known Franciscan monasteries   emplaced in the southern part of the entity that were built by Spanish missionaries during the colonial era and are of historical and architectural interest.


Among the convents to visit are the Acanceh, whose main attraction is the Plaza of the Three Cultures; Mayapan, known as the Maya Flag; Chumayel, birthplace of one of the most important documents: the Chilam Balam, Mayan sacred book; among others.


Ecoturistic Residential Hacienda Bolontunil, alongside these historic convents, has its own chapel open to the public.


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